[VIDEO] Controversy In Parliament: TNA MP Wishes Slain LTTE Leader Prabhakaran For His Birthday During Parliament Speech

November 26, 2020

In a major development, TNA MP Charles Nirmalanathan today wished slain LTTE Leader Valupillai Prabhakaran for his birthday while addressing Parliament today.

"Happy Birthday to our leader Prabhakaran who fought for our people,” the MP said, while addressing the House during the debate on the expenditure head of the Ministry of Irrigation.

It is noteworthy that there was no protest from the Chair of the House or members of the government or the opposition in this regard.

While Nirmalanathan was addressing the House, Deputy Chairman of Committees Angajan Ramanathan was chairing the proceedings. There was no reacting to the Parliamentarian’s speech from Ramanathan.

The LTTE continues to remain a banned organization in Sri Lanka and any attempt to glorify or idolize the organization and its leaders are prohibited according to the Sri Lankan law. In an alarming development, the MP also referred to Prabhakaran as his leader.

When MPs are sworn in as public representatives, they are bound to take a pledge not to support any over or covert attempt to create a separate state in Sri Lanka. LTTE Leader Prabhakaran, to whom the MP extended a birthday wish, waged a three-decade long war to create a separate state in the country.

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