DIG Ajith Rohana Refuses To Become Member Of Committee Probing Mahara Prison Riots Citing "Conflict Of Interest"

December 01, 2020

Police Media Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana has refused to become a member of the five-member commitete appointed by Justice Minister Ali Sabry to probe the riots which broke out at the Mahara prison.

Rohana has informed Justice Minister Ali Sabry that he does not wish to become a memer of the committee due to a matter of conflict of interest.

"At present, I function as the Police Media spokesman and conduct regular media briefings in respect of the current issues including the prison issue," Rohana said in a letter to the Justice Minister.

"If i act as a member of the above committee, it would be a conflict of interest and I would not be able to conduct media conferences. Hence, it is suggested to appoint another officer to the committe instead of me, in considering the above facts," Rohana's letter also said.

The five-member committee, appointed by the Juctice Minister, is headed by retired judge Kusala Sarojini Weerawardena.

The death toll of the prison riots at the Mahara prison has risen to 09 with another inmate succumbing to injuries this morning. A number of inmates are still in hospital with some in critical condition.

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