Monastic Buddhist Monk Abducted, Beaten To Death And Cremated In Kotadeniyawa Graveyard: Body Identified By Disciple

The body of a person who was cremated on a grave in the Kotadeniyawa Nawana Public Cemetery has been identified as the body of Ven. Uduwila Dhammasiri Thero, a resident of the Hanwella Thummodara Kodikanda Aranya Senasana.

The body was identified by Ven. Galnewe Siridhamma (23), a student of the Sri Jayewardenepura University and a resident of the Aranya Senasana, Kotadeniyawa Police OIC Chief Inspector P.M. Pushpakumara said.

On the night of January 02, more than ten people had broken into the monastery, beaten the monk with rods and abducted him in a van.

The area OIC said that Ven. Galnewe Siridhamma Thero, who has been residing in the monastery for 16 years, was identified from the chin, teeth and the nails of the burnt body.

A person has been arrested by the Hanwella Police along with a van used in the abduction

Kotadeniyawa Police had received information that a body was being cremated on a grave in the Kotadeniyawa Mirigama Public Cemetery.

The body was found with wounds from the ears, mouth and nose and the face was badly burnt.

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