"Yes, I Am Nandasena And Gotabhaya: I Have Two Characters: I Can Respond In Any Way They Want" President Says In Ampara

"I am Nandasena and Gotabhaya. I have two characters. Some Buddhist monks expect me to behave like the strict Defence Secretary back in the day. If that is what's required, I can do that too," President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said today while addressing a meeting in Ampara.

The President was responding to a speech made by opposition MP Harin Fernando in Parliament recently.

"We don't accept that kind of ugly politics. We know the opposition too must do politics. But they must engage in their activities in a fair manner," the President said.

"I hope everyone remembers what happened to Prabhakaran when he tried to kill me at the Pittala junction in 2006. Three years ago, his body was carried by four people to the grave, resembling the plight of a dog. I am also capable of responding in that manner," President Rajapaksa said.

Rajapaksa also added that he had written to the Indian Prime Minister and the President of China seeking their help in obtaining COVID19 vaccines. "We will receive a portion of our vaccines free of charge and we expect to purchase the remainder when the vaccines are ready," the President revealed.

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