Bathiudeen Lodges Complaint With Human Rights Commission Seeking Voting Rights For 7727 Internally Displaced Muslims

Former Minister and ACMC Leader Rishad Bathiudeen has lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka seeking to restore voting rights of internaly displaced Muslims.

In his complaint, Bathiudeen says 7727 voters have been prevented intentionally from voting in their ancestral villages.

It was mentioned in the complaint that a letter had previously been sent to the Election Commission to which no action has been initiated yet. These Muslims were evicted from their hometowns during the time of the LTTE.

Bathiudeen was previosly arrested for facilitating internally displaced Muslims to cast their votes at the last Presoidential election. The former Miniser was charged for providing them with buses to travel to Mannar on the election day.

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