Sri Lanka's COVID19 "Local Healer" Dhammika Bandara Facing Imminent Police Arrest Over Assault On Doctor

A special police investigation has been launched to arrest Dhammika Bandara of Kegalle, the controversial individual who introduced a local concoction to cure COVID19.

The investigation has been launched by the Kegalle SSP following a complaint lodged by a doctor with the Peradeniya Police regarding an incident where the doctor was allegedly assaulted by Bandara.

When the doctor went to Dhammika Bandara's house in Kegalle, an argument had broken out between the two parties and Bandara had allegedly assaulted the doctor.

Accordingly, an investigation has been launched against Dhammika Bandara, according to police sources. Dhammika Bandara became a newsmaker over the past few weeks due to the so-called local cure for COVID19 which has now become a farce. Even a State Minister of the ruling party who consumed the local syrup in public has tested positive for COVID19.

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