US Ambassador Expresses Disappointment Over Government’s Backtracking On Permitting Burial Of COVID19 Victims

February 18, 2021

US Ambassador Alaina Teplitz has expressed disappointment over the government’s withdrawal from its position on allowing burial of COVID19 victims.

“Disappointed to see that the Government and PM are backing away from ending discriminatory cremation policy. People, including loved ones recently passed, deserve more respect for their rights from a democratic government,” the US Ambassador tweeted.

The development also came amidst Sri Lanka’s attempts to address human rights concerns raised by the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s statement in parliament on allowing burial of COVID19 victims earned praise from many international figures including Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan who is expected to visit Sri Lanka next week.

The government’s sudden withdrawal from this position has plunged them into an embarrassing situation, diplomatic sources said.

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