"Politically Connected" Buddhist Monk Hits Back At Kamal Gunaratne: Says Defence Sec's Allegations Baseless And Irresponsible

February 19, 2021

Prominnet Buddhist monk, Panamure Thilakawansa Thera, has slammed at Defence Ministry Secretary Kamal Gunaratne over the latter's remarks on the deforestation in the Eastern province.

Gunaratne, during a recent meeting state officials, said a Buddhist monk affiliated with the government was allegedly involved in the environmental destruction in the Trincomalee area. The Defence Ministry Secretary also stressed the importance of taking stern action against such individuals.

"I have also briefed the Governor of the Eastern Province and other state officials in this regard. No body should be allowed to cause harm to the environment using their political connections," Gunaratne said.

Responding to the Defence Ministry Secretary's remarks, the Buddhist monk in question said he was deeply saddened by the "irrespeonsible and baseless" statement made by a senior official of the government.

"We were the ones who protected environment in the Trincomalee area. When we built and renovated our monasteries in Arisimalee, we caused no harm to the environment. It is disappointing to see that some senior officials of the government behaving in this manner," the Buddhist monk said.

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