JVP Leader’s Former Private Secretary Worked As Secretary Of Controversial Anti-corruption Committee Set Up By Yahapalanaya Govt.

Parliamentarian Mohammed Muzammil said the Secretary of the Anti-corruption Committee set up under the previous government, Ananda Wijepala, was a former Private Secretary of JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

Muzammil, a former JVPer, said Wijepala served as a Private Secretary of the JVP Leader when the latter was the Minister of Agriculture.

“Now the JVP leader says he is not aware of the cabinet paper pertaining to the setting up of the committee. He himself worked as a member of the committee and now he cannot distance himself from the responsibilities. He was very much involved in the process,” the MP said.

He said Dissanayake was also the head of the “Rapid Response Unit” set up under the committee in question.

The Anti-corruption committee set up under the previous government became a point of controversy following the Presidential Commission of Inquiry report on political victimization.

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