“Our Party Was Deceived During Previous Constitutional Amendments:” SLFP Presents Fresh Proposals To Romesh De Silva Committee

The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) has asserted that the PR system should be abolished as part of the proposed new constitution.

The SLFP’s proposals for the new constitution have been handed over to the committee headed by Romesh De Silva PC who will prepare the final report on the matter.

De Silva said the SLFP was deceived when the 19th and the 20th to the constitution were passed in Parliament as the party’s proposals for a new electoral system were ignored.

“We believe that the government should work on a power devolution method based on districts coupled with the formation of a second chamber. This should comprise intellectuals and experts. The SLFP, as a party, is in favour of the devolution of power,” he added.

The Minister also added that harm inflicted on the environment should be considered a violation of Fundamental Rights and provincial courts must be empowered to address them.

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