Four-fold Increase In COVID19 Cases In Colombo After New Year Season: 118 Out Of 225 Random Samples Test Positive

The percentage of COVID19 infections in Colombo has increased from 2% before the Sinhala and Hindu New Year to 8% after the the New Year.

Chief Medical Officer of Health Colombo Municipal Council area Dr. Ruwan Wijemuni said that when 100 PCR tests were done, one or two of them were reported as infected before the festive season.

“After examining 225 people yesterday (19), 18 were reported as positive. That means it has risen to 8%. Although the situation is not very serious yet, what was 2 per cent has seen a four-fold increase This is a situation that needs to be examined," he added.

The behaviour of the public during new year shopping raised severe health concerns. Some major shopping areas such as Maharagama and Kiribathgoda were flooded with crowds.

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