"If There's Someone Who Could Orchestrate A Conspiracy In SJB, It Would Be Me: There Is No Such Plan": Harin Speaks Up

"If there is someone who could engineer a conspiracy within the SJB, it would be me. I am telling you there is no such conspiracy," SJB MP Harin Fernando said.

Speaking to the media on the tensions within the party, Fernando said he was not aware of any major development as he was on leave for two months after a heart surgery.

"I don't think there are divisions. my leader is Sajith Premadasa. I don't think anyone has a reason to leave the SJB at this point," he added. He added that ther recent vote of confidence on Sajith Premadasa was a 'foolish act' as that would create unnecessary doubts on the minds of supporters.

However, Fernando ruled out the possibility of him aligning with the UNP led by former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

"I have no reason to join the UNP. But, I have a lot of respect for Mr. Wickremesinghe. He was the one who brought me into politics, made me a provincial Chief Minister and a Cabinet Minister," Fernando said.

"I believe both parties - the SJB and the UNP - must unite. The UNP cannot get anywhere without the SJB and the SJB cannot win without the UNP. Both parties must understand that," Fernando said.

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