Medical Experts Pushing To Extend Curfew Until September 07: Final Decision Likely On Friday

The decision on whether to extend the curfew or not will be announced on Friday (27), Director General of Health Services Dr. Asela Gunawardena said.

A countrywide curfew was imposed for ten days from midnight on the 20th to control the spread of the virus.

However, Sri Lanka is yet to see a reduction in daily number of cases and the number of death due to the curfew.

The decision will be taken at a special meeting of the Kovid Suppression Task Force on Friday (27), the Director General of Health Services said.

A group of medical experts recently requested the government to close the country for two weeks to control the spread of the pandemic. It is learnt that they are pushing to extend the curfew until Spetember 07.

In addition, the chief incumbents of Malwatta and Asgiriya and the leaders of 10 of the government's 10 partner parties demanded that the country be closed for a week.

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