JVP Says Iraj's Facebook Page Unpublished By Facebook Over Complaints On Fake News Item On Antigen Test Kits

The JVP said artiste Iraj Weeraratna's Facebook page was removed by Facebook after they complained about a fake news item on Antigen test kits.

Former JVP MP Wasantha Samarasinghe said Weeraratne also published his telephone number along with this "fake news" causing difficulties to tens of thousands of people.

The fake story published by Weeraratne said Rapid Antigen test kits were available for Rs. 80 in Sri Lanka. Samarasinghe said over 3000 people called him to receive test kits after Weeraratne's story.

Samarasinghe also said they lodged complaints on several other Facebook pages which published the same news.

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