Finance Ministry Resorts To Severe "Cost-Cutting Measures" In State Sector Ahead Of Looming Financial Crisis

The Ministry of Finance has instructed the Secretaries of the Ministries to suspend projects, purchases, building constructions, building repairs etc. which have not been started yet.

The government has also decided to suspend recruitment to posts for which appointment letters have not been issued so far.

It has also been decided to review the list of beneficiaries identified for welfare activities and restrict the subsidy to low income earners only.

Meanwhile, the Finance Ministry has also recommender that, with the approval of Ministry Secretaries and Heads of Departments , non-salary allowances and bill settlements paid be reviewed and paid only to the officers who are actually engaged in the service.

These measures come against the backdrop of severe financial contraints faced by the govenrment in the wake of the fourth wave of the pandemic.

Ministry Secretaries have also been asked to present proposals on how to reduce costs in their ministries under the current circumstances.

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