Prof. Neelika Malawige Expresses Deep Frustration With Sri Lankan Media Over Misquoting Her On Opening Of Schools

September 07, 2021

Professor Neelika Malavige expressed deep disappointment and frustration with Sri Lankan media for misrepresenting her quotes over opening of schools.

In a Facebook post, she said she was misquoted many a time by Sri Lankan media during the pandemic.

The statement she made is as follows;

“I have been silent all this time while Sri Lankan media has been misquoting me, stating things that I never said, taking a single sentence out of a 30-40 minute webinar I do, and take the whole thing out of context. I am just sick and tired of Sri Lankan media doing this to me. This must stop! Why are they doing this? Is there no stop to this? Don't they know the harm they are doing by misquoting things and even worse posting things that I never said. Also, to all media out there, when I do a 30-40 minute webinar and you take just 1 sentence out of the whole webinar and put is as a headline, how misleading is that?

I did NOT say that we should open schools now. We have a lockdown and cases and deaths have just started to come down. If anyone is interested about what I actually said during a webinar at Gateway college, please watch the below.

All those who just comment on the media articles shown below, without checking if I said this or not, those humiliate me, ridicule me, I have nothing to say to you too.

FYI during the last 8 weeks the only time I spoke to media, was at the Rupavahini 'Husma' shown on all TV channels simultaneously and Sunday times. All other times during the last 8 weeks, when I have been quoted on media, was either they took it from a lecture/webinar I did, or they dreamt it.

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