Four Well-known Health Experts Have So Far Resigned From COVID19-related Technical And Advisory Committees

September 08, 2021

Four well-known health experts have so far resigned from COVID19 related technical and advisory committees raising serious doubts over Sri Lanka's pandemic management process.

Dr. Ananda Wijewickrema and Dr. Asoka Gunarate, two well-known health experts, have stepped down from the COVID19 technical committee citing strong differences of opinion.

Previously, Prof. Neelika Malawige and Prof. A. Pathweshwaran resigned from similar posts amidst claims over politicisation and militarisation of the pandemic management process.

Wijewickrema said while resigning that said some of the decisions made by the committee have been altered due to political reasons.

The Doctor had pointed out that his continuation as a member of the committee would make him responsible for the 'damage' they may cause through errorneous decisions.

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