"Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa's Brain Should Be Examined Without Further Delay!": Anura Kumara

September 12, 2021

JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa's bain should be examined without further delay.

Addressing a press conference in Colombo, Dissanayake responded to Premadasa's call for a snap election at this juncture.

"It was an utterly immature, irresponsible statement. He wants to secure power at any cost and he sees the current situation as an ideal opportunity to fulfil his agenda," Dissanayake said.

"It is true that the government has lost its popularity. But, is it an appropriate time to conduct an election under these circumstances? Do you think a person with the right frame of mind will come up with such a suggestion?" Dissanayake questioned.

"Before the last parliamentary election, everyone called for its postponement due to the pandemic. At that point, the daily death toll stood at less than three and only 100-200 were tested positive on a daily basis. Today, thousands of people are dying and Premadasa wants an election. Please ask someone to check his brain," Dissanayake responded.

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