Online Delivery Service ‘Handling Fee’ Under Fire: CAA Says It Is Illegal But Online Platforms Still Use It

September 16, 2021

Online delivery platforms have come under fire for adding a ‘handling fee’ to certain items in addition to the Maximum Retail Price of the item.

Consumers point out that with the addition of the handling fee, very often the total price for the product they are buying ends up being the price the product was before the government gazetted MRPs recently.

‘It is a loophole unscrupulous traders are using to get around the gazette’ disgusted social media user wrote. ‘at a time like this when everyone is suffering it is a very unfair thing to do.’

Meanwhile, an English daily has reported that Consumers Affairs Authory Chairman Asela Bandara has said that this ‘handling fee’ is illegal and that he has notified the delivery platforms to regulate this occurrence.

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