Sri Lanka's Food Shortage Worsening: Importers Say They Need USD 15 Million To Release 800 Containers At Colombo Port

September 27, 2021

Food Importers' Association says that importers are in dire need of USD 15 million to release over 800 containers currently stuck at Colombo Port.

These containers contain a number of consumer items including essential food items.

A list of all importers who have not been able to release their containers has been prepared and handed over to the Minister of Trade Bandula Gunawardena.

A spokesman for the Food Importers 'Association said they were in discussions with banks to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, a number of importers are also in talks with banks on a personal level to release their items from the port.

A severe shortage of food items is reported in the local market due to the unavailability of imported foods and beverages.

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