[VIDEO] "Look! Rats Have Eaten The Bread": One Of Colombo's Most Popular Bakeries Under Fire Over Alarming Unhygienic Practices

September 28, 2021

Several videos that are currently circulating on social media suggest that Royal Bakery, Wellawatte, one of the most well-known bakeries in Colombo, have serious shortcomings on the hygiene front.

In one video. a rat is seen on the coffee counter of the bakery and many others who commented on the video stated that it was a common issue at the site.

In another video, a customer complains that a rat has eaten the bread which he purchased from the bakery. These videos indicate that the management of the company has neglected the hygienic aspect of their operations despite Royal Bakery being one of the most popular bakeries among the residents of Colombo.

This also poses a grave public health risk as Sri Lanka has had close to 3,500 rat fever cases in year up to June 2021.