Cabinet Spokesman Assures Unhindered Supply Of Fuel: "We Have Money And The Public Should Not Worry About Shortage"

September 28, 2021

Cabinet Spokesman Minister Ramesh Pathirana says that there will be no fuel shortage in the country in the future.

He made these remarks while addressing a media briefing on Cabinet decisions earlier today.

"There is no shortage of fuel. The government has the necessary financial provisions to import fuel. Therefore, the public should not have any doubts or undue fears about a fuel shortage. ”

Cantral Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabral previously stated that the government would provide the required dollars to import fuel for the next three months.

However, this could further shrink Sri Lanka's foreign reserves which have already plummeted to USD 2 Billion under the current administration.

The government is negotiating a $ 500 million loan from India and a concession from the United Arab Emirates for fuel imports.

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