Elections Commission Proposed Mixed Electoral System And Several Other Key Reforms To Parliamentary Select Committee

The Election Commission is of the view that a mixed proportional representation system is appropriate for the country, said its Chairman Nimal Punchihewa at a meeting of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Electoral Law Reform yesterday (30).

The Elections Commission has also proposed to the Parliamentary Select Committee that a new Election Tribunal be established.

The Chairman of the Elections Commission further stated that a new mechanism should be prepared for the registration of political parties.

He said that some political parties were restricted to certain districts and there were problems with party registration criteria.

Punchihewa also suggested to the Committee that a system should be established to classify political parties as nationally recognized, and regional parties and to register them accordingly.

The Parliamentary Select Committee met under the chairmanship of Miniser Dinesh Gunawardena at the Parliament Complex on the 29th.

The Elections Commission also suggested that at least 24 hours be given to resolve technical issues that may arise during the handing over of nominations.

The Elections Commission officials stated that the requirement for security deposits, which is currently limited to independent political parties, should be extended to recognized political parties as well.

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