State Minister Reveals Major Conspiracy Within Govt.: "Either They Must Leave Govt. Or We Must Proceed Without Them"

Minister of State Roshan Ranasinghe states that a conspiracy is currently brewing within the government.

He points out that these conspirators show one face while they are in the government and another face when they talk to the public.

"They say one thing during meetings within the government and then say something entirely different when they engage with the press," Ranasinghe added.

He said that the government could not move forward with these conspirators and that either the conspirators must fall in line or the government must move forward without them.

Sources familar with the matter said Ranasinghe was referring to former President Maithripala Sirisena and his loyalists within the government.

The SLFP, led by Sirisena, is now a key part of the collective of constituent parties in the ruling camp who have taken a critical stance on some controversial decisions made by the government.

Ranasinghe has been a harsh critique of Sirisena from the time of the last Parliamentary election.

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