Justice Minster Ali Sabry Says Government Will Amend Prisons Ordinance To Ensure Safety Of All Prisoners

Justice Minister Ali Sabry stated in Parliament that the government would amend the Prisons Ordinance in order to ensure the safety of all prisoners.

He was responding to a question on the adjournment motion moved by MP Imtiaz Bakir Makar.

The Minister of Justice also said, "I would like to thank MP Imtiaz Bakeer Marker for making a timely proposal. We acknowledge that the prison system needs to be greatly improved. There are four inmates in the Colombo prisons that can accommodate one person. This issue remained unaddressed for nearly seventy years."

"Infrastructure has been improved to some degree. New technology has been introduced. Steps are being taken to initiate a separate program for the rehabilitation of prison inmates. All prisons in Colombo will be shifted to Millaniya, Horana. There is will be more space and the current issues will be resolved with that. We are taking measires to implement the method of rehabilitation instead of punishment," he added.