Thiru Nadesan Leaves Bribery Commission After Giving Three Hour Statement: Asks For Another Date To Provide Documents

Prominent businessman Thiru Nadesan, who is now at the centre of a major controversy over the revelations made in Pandora Papers, left the Bribery Commission premises a short while ago after giving a three-hour statement.

It is leant that Nadesan had requested the Bribery Commission to give him another date to come back with the required documents as he was not prepared to make a statement in this regard.

The Commission had then asked him to appear before the investigators on Friday the 15th along with the necessary documents related to the revelations made by Pandora Papers

Nadesan was summoned on the 6th to appear before the Commission to Investigate Bribery or Corruption to make a statement on the controversy which broke out earlier this week.

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa ordered the Bribery Commssion to launch an immediate inquiry into the allegations made against Thiru Nadesan and his wife, former Deputy Minister Nirupama Rajapaksa.

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