CID Records Statement From Former CAA Director Thushan Gunawardena On "Garlic Scam" At Sathosa

The CID today recorded a statement from Thushan Gunawardena, the former Executive Director of the Consumer Affairs Authority, over his revelations related to the alleged scams at Sathosa.

Gunawardena, who resigned from his post recently, said in multiple media interviews, that he was pressurized by Ministers Bandula Gunawardena and Lasantha Alagiyawanna, to make certain suspicious decisions.

The alleged 'Garlic Scam' at Sathosa, revealed by Gunawardena, became major controvery forcing the Trade Minister to lodge a complaint with the CID to conduct a probe into the matter.

Speaking in Parliament, however, Minister Bandula Gunawardena acknowloedged that there had been a "Garlic Scam" at Sathosa and stated that it would not be the "first or the last scam" at the institution.

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