[VIDEO] 'Open Up, Or Tell The World That You're Closed': Tourist Berates Sri Lanka Saying 'They Got Big Problems'

A tourist who visited Sri Lanka has posted on social media about his unfortunate experience, saying Sri Lanka 'better get its act together' after he arrived on the island but found everything closed.

"I called the Washington Embassy before I left and they told me everything is open and I don't have to worry about anything," he said on a video posted on social media.

But after almost three days of flying with the idea of staying about week in the island, the tourist says he found nothing on arrival - no reservation, no one to greet him, no buses, no trains.

"Basically Sri Lanka is in lockdown, but officially opened' he said, adding that he was forced to turn around and leave in the same flight he came in.

"There's problems there' he said."You guys gotta open up or tell the world you're closed."

"I will be going back, he said, but not now, not until you guys get your act together."

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