"Govt. Cannot Play With Public Aspirations": Weerawansa Calls On Govt. To Recognise Its Own Shortcomings

Minister Wimal Weerawasna says if the government recognizes its own shortcomings and errors in judgment, it will be possible to rebuild the confidence of the people in the next three years.

Addressing an event at Katubedda, Moratuwa, Weerawansa said the government should give priority to the aspirations of the people and should be hinest in its approach.

Weerawansa said the government, as the moment, was evaluating its journey over the past two years in order to identify the mistakes they had made.

He said that the aspiration of the people was a regime that would safeguard the national security interests, adding that the government had no right to play with the aspirations of the people or to betray their trust.

"Having to live with an epidemic, the government has missed some of the things it should have done," Weerawansa also added.

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