Nearly 30 Former Ministers And Ex-MPs Who Lost At Last General Election Still Given VIP Security

November 14, 2021

Nearly 30 former parliamentarians have been given VIP security for about 15 months, informed government sources said.

In addition to former Cabinet ministers and former parliamentarians, several former governors have also been given VIP security, they also added.

It is reported that these ministers and MPs who were defeated at the General Election last year have been given two VIP bodyguards each. The majority of them belong to the United National Party which secured only one seat at the last Parliamentary election.

Meanwhile, a former Chairman of an Urban Council had also been given VIP for several years. His two bodyguards were removed last week.

Sources say that a group of parliamentarians have protested against the granting of VIP security to former ministers and parliamentarians at the Consultative Committee on the Ministry of Public Security.

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