"Opposition Leaders, Please Be Responsible!": Prominent Community Health Experts Slam SJB's Mass Gathering

November 17, 2021

Professor Suneth Agampodi, a prominent public health expert, warned that public gatherings such as the SJB protect yesterday could lead to massive viral replication and increase the probability of new variants.

"These types of mass gatherings are super-spreader events leading to massive viral replication and more probability of new varients. With this type of attitude, the pandemic is definitely far from over. Be responsible opposition leaders!" Prof. Agampodi, Professor of Community Medicine at the Rajarata University and an Infectious Disease Epidemiologist tweeted this morning.

Nalaka Gunawardena, a well-known writer and civil society activists, also expressed similar views about the SJB protest.

"This is the expert view of a top Sri Lankan infectious disease epidemiologist. But our myopic opposition ignores all such cautions. There is a time and place for everything. Does Sajith Premadasa want to become a #COVIDiot? Is he already one?" Gunawardena asked.

A number of journalists also questioned on Twitter whether it was appropriate to organise a mass gathering in Colombo under the current circumstances.

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