"How Can The Govt. Function With Collective Responsibility When The Rajapaksas Control 64% Of State Expenses?": AKD

November 21, 2021

MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake stated in Parliament that 64% of the state expenditure presented in this budget has been allocated for the Rajapaksas.

He pointed out that a collective responsibility of all parties is needed to build the country, adding that this government cannot act with a collective responsibility given that one family controls the majority of the national budget.

The Member of Parliament representing the National People's Force questions how there is a collective responsibility

The MP states that Rs. 3470 millions has been allocated for the ministries hed by the Rajapaksas while the state expenditure stands at Rs. 5200 million.

He also said that there was no unity in the cabinet with some ministers claiming that they did not see certain cabinet papers. "But other ministers say they have seen the same Cabint papers. Whom can we trust in this regard?" he asked.

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