Gas Explosions: Report On 12 Gas Samples Taken From Different Areas To Be Presented To CAA Today

December 01, 2021

Following the situation regarding gas related explosions, a report pertaining to 12 gas samples taken from 12 areas of the country is due to be submitted to the Consumer Affairs Authority today (01).

Prof. Shantha Walpolage of the University of Moratuwa stated that the report will be presented today with his views on the gas composition of the 12 samples.

Prof. Walpolage further stated that an expert observation report on the initial steps to be taken regarding gas related explosions has already been submitted to the Authority.

Meanwhile, President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa yesterday (30) appointed a committee chaired by Prof. Shantha Walpolage to investigate and find solutions to gas-related explosions.

The President has instructed the committee to look into all the necessary stakeholders and existing studies as well as various views and submit the relevant report to him within two weeks.

Meanwhile, a special meeting of the Parliamentary Consultative Committee will be held today to discuss the incidents of domestic gas cylinder explosions.

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