Gammanpila Presents Urgent Proposal To Govt. To Manage Fuel Crisis: Wants Offices To Be Opened At Different Times

Energy Minister Udaya Gammanpila has submitted an urgent proposal to the government to reduce fuel consumption in the face of the current severe fuel crisis.

The Minister has suggested to the government that schools should be run through video technology one day a week and that offices should be opened at different times to reduce traffic congestion.

The Minister has proposed that the fuel price formula be implemented immediately and that vehicles coming to Colombo should be restricted.

Gammanpila has proposed to restrict the summoning of officials to meetings, discussions and conferences of state institutions and to restrict the summoning of Divisional Secretaries etc. to Colombo and has also requested that state institutions be directed to hold meetings through video technology.

The Minister also requested that one third of the foreign remittances received by commercial banks be transferred to the Central Bank and handed over to state institutions for the importation of essential commodities including medicines, medical equipment and fuel.