Mrs World Spat Continues: Sri Lanka Pageant Director Makes A Police Complaint Against Actress Angela Seneviratne

Pageant director of the Mrs. World Sri Lanka Chandimal Jayasinghe has reportedly lodged a complaint with the police against a veteran actress Ms. Angela Seneviratne.

He has accused Seneviratne of personal insult and character assassination, Angela Seneviratne said in a Facebook post.

Seneviratne has categorically denied the allegations, saying she has only ever stood up for the opressed and marginalised.

"I stand for the oppressed, the marginalised, the unaccepted. I stand for the LGBTQ, the straights, the men, women ,children, the old, the young, in fact I stand for all humanity. I would never body shame or age shame anyone!" she said.

Angela Seneviratne has been vocal about recent accusations that the current Mrs. Sri Lanka Pushpika De Silva had misled the public by posting on her Instagram and Facebook account that she had been placed Number 4 in the Mrs. World contest that was held in Las Vegas this year.

In a Sinhala post, Pushpika de Silva had said that she was placed 4th. Later, news websites carried leaked phone calls between her and a well-known politician who advised her to say she was placed fourth.

Chandimal Jayasighe accompanied Ms. de Silva to the Mrs. World contest and is a close friend and confidante of hers.

Last year, Pushpika De Silva's crown was removed from her in the middle of the event by former Mrs. Sri Lanka and Mrs. World Caroline Jurie who exposed that Mrs. Pushpika De Silva was not qualified to win the competition.

It was revealed that Mrs. Pushpika de Silva had been separated from her husband for many years and may have used political connections to be a part of the competition.

Carloine Jurie later gave up her crown, saying she will stand by her convictions.