"Omicron Wave Will Not Last Long": Health Expert Rules Out Lockdown And Urges People To Get Booster Shot

February 02, 2022

Senior Professor Arjuna De Silva, a well-known health expert, said that Omicron wave would not last long in Sri Lanka.

However, he said the death toll could go higher if people showed reluctance to receive the booster shot.

"For most people who have taken the booster shot, it is not very different from a normal cold and fever," he added. "However, this could be more severe if you have not taken your booster short, and have various health complications."

"Only such people need hospitalisation. Others can isolate themselves at home," he explained. However, over 1000 COVID19 cases are reported in Sri Lanka on a daily basis and the death toll has also seen an increase.

The medical expert stated that there was nothing wrong with holding public gatherings, sports and entertainment events as long as health guidelines are followed.