Gammanpila's Remarks On Economy Come Under Fire At Ruling Party Group Meeting: Gammanpila Responds To Criticism

February 08, 2022

Several remarks made by Minister Udaya Gammanpila came under criticism at the ruling party group meeting at Temple Trees last meeting.

Government MPs Jayantha Ketagoda, Tissa Kurriarachchi and Minister Rohitha Abeygunawardena have reportedly made critical remarks against Gammanpila over his recent statements.

They stated that Gammanpila's remark on the current economic crisis not being a result of the pandemic contradicted the President's views.

They said Gammanpila's remarks reflected badly on the Government and have affected the government's popularity in villages.

However, responding to criticism, Gammanpila said he made the same remarks at the Cabinet meetings and many other internal meetings.

He said it must be understood that the current crisis is a result of excessive borrowing which was done for many decades.

However, Gammanpila's response has reportedly silenced the embittered ruling party MPs, a source familiar with the matter said.