Price Of Loaf Of Bread Rises To Rs. 100: Fuel Crisis And Power Cuts Hamper Bakeries Across The Country

The price of a loaf of bread has gone up to Rs. 100, said the President of the Bakery Owners' Association N.K. Jayewardene has stated in an interview with a national newspaper.

Jayawardena stated that this situation has arisen due to fuel shortages and power cuts.

He added that the fuel shortage had severely affected their businesses and that many of the 'Chung Pan/' vehicles had already stopped their operations.

He said that about 400 bakeries have already stopped their production due to the shortage of bread flour.

The Chairman said that the prices of other food items will also go up in the future due to the fact that they have to make great efforts to maintain their production activities due to the power outage these days.

He also stated that the number of employees is rapidly decreasing due to the economic problems faced by his industry on a daily basis.

He further stated that despite informing the government about all the existing problems, the public will continue to suffer due to the lack of any response.