Main Opposition SJB Presents 21st Amendment To Constitution Seeking To Abolish Executive Presidency And Introduce Wide Reforms

The Samagi Jana Balawegaya has presented the proposed 21th Amendment bill to the Secretary General of Parliament.

Its proposals include: 1) Abolition of the current Executive Presidency: Parliament to elect President

2) Cabinet will be continuously accountable and responsible to Parliament, can be removed by no confidence motion Establish Constitutional Council & independent commissions including Audit & Procurement Commissions

3) Reduction of Maximum Cabinet Ministers to 25, maximum of non-cabinet and deputy Ministers to 25. No increase of Ministers in event of coalition government

4) Stringent provisions to prevent corrupt crossovers

5) Constitutional recognition of National Security Council

6) Establish a State Council to obtain advice of experts / public representations on matters of public importance

7) Re-establishing Constitutional democracy and protecting sovereignty of people through the above