Refuelling dates as per last digit of number plates commence today - Power and Energy Ministry

The process of refuelling for vehicles according to the last digit of the vehicle's registration number will commence today, the Power and Energy Ministry said.

They said the number plate's last digit ends with 3, 4 or 5, those vehicles will be allowed for refuelling today (Thursday) and Sundays.

The ministry earlier mentioned that the pilot project of fuel distribution under QR code will be carried out from today until Sunday (24) at multiple locations in Colombo.

However, arrangements have been made to begin fuel distribution process by scanning the QR code from Monday (July 25) across the country.

From today the fuel will be issued for a maximum of Rs.1,500 per motorcycle, Rs. 2,000 per three-wheeler and Rs.7,000 for other vehicles during the course of next week until the fuel permit takes effect.