Didn’t say persons whose fingerprints were found in Prez House can’t go abroad - Sarath W

MP Sarath Weerasekara taking to Twitter today said he never said persons whose fingers prints were found at the President’s House after the storming of the building by protestors on July 9 will not be able to go abroad. 

“Never said t men whose fingerprints were found in Prez's house cannot go abroad or their relatives can't rcv state employment. Anyone can listen to my  @ParliamentLK speech frm t website & check.” (sic) he said. 

Weerasekara said instead he meant persons who might apply to the Military or Police will need a ‘Good’ Police report and those who themselves or family members are arrested and found guilty of any crimes will not be able to secure a ‘Good’ Police report and therefore will not be recruited. 

The MP said he was merely issuing advice as an elder and informing people to be part of peaceful demonstrations but to disassociate themselves from violence and crime.