‘Aragalaya’ made a mistake - Uvindu Wijeweera

Uvindu Wijeweera, the son of JVP founder Rohana Wijeweera says the ‘Aragalaya’ or the citizen’s struggle made a mistake by taking a political appearance in its latter stage. “Power must be seized through democratic means,” he said.

Wijeweera made these comments while addressing the media in Embilipitiya recently. 

Wijeweera said that the people are fed up with the 74-year-old corrupt political system in Sri Lanka.

“People are looking for a change and a new political journey. They are looking for a new path for the country. Accordingly, the second generation created an organization many years ago seeing the problems in this country. We were able to commence a new political journey.” he said. 

Calling on everyone to set aside all party divides, Wijeweera said a national program must be implemented to revive the country. “If not we will have to suffer for another 74 years” he added.