Adhere to procedures when making arrests! - IGP tells Top Cops

The Inspector General of Police C.D Wickramaratne has instructed senior officers of the Sri Lanka Police in writing to adhere to proper procedures when making arrests.

The orders were issued after the BASL wrote to the IGP recently raising concerns about arrests being made by the Police without following accepted procedures, especially relating to the Aragalaya protestors.

Issuing an official communique, the IGP informed all senior officers and heads of divisions to inform junior officers functioning under them to follow accepted procedures and legal processes when making arrests and to note the concerns raised by the BASL.

The IGP said orders must be issued for Police officers to always adhere to procedures and to carry out their duties within the legal framework. The IGP also pointed out all supervisory officers must ensure Police officers functioning under them are acting according to the orders given.

In the communique, the IGP said Police officers must always follow arresting procedures set out in Article 23 of the Code Of Criminal Procedure Act (No. 15 of 1979) while ensuring a person's fundamental rights accorded by the Constitution of 1978 are protected at all times.

He pointed out that officers making arrests in civil garb must always identify themselves to those being arrested and others known to the suspect at that location.

He also asked the Policemen to assist officials of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka to carry out their duties when inquiries are made about arrested persons. “Arrests and Detentions must take place according to the law-making note of all the above” the IGP said.

He also instructed the officers to carry out duties while paying attention to the Enforced Disappearance (Cov) Act, No. 5 of 2018 as highlighted by the BASL.