18-year-old monk arrested for killing chief incumbent of a temple in Seeduwa

September 15, 2022

An 18-year-old monk has been arrested over the murder of the Chief incumbent of the Nandarama Temple in Seeduwa – Vethewa in Katunayake today (15).

The Chief incumbent, Ven. Medagama Thera (50) was found dead in a suspicious manner within the temple premises yesterday (14) after the Police were informed of a foul smell from the premises. 

According to the Police, the body of the Chief incumbent was found from the accommodation of the Chief incumbent of the Temple. The body of the monk was found with his eyes blindfolded. His mouth was gagged and the body had been covered with his own cowl, the Police said. The door of the room had been locked from inside. 

As the door of the room was locked from inside, the officers had broken open the door to find the Chief incumbent dead on his bed. The body of the monk was found with his eyes blindfolded, mouth gagged with a cloth, and body covered with his own cowl.

The Poliuce launchedinvestigations to find the other monk who was missing and at the temple along with the Chief incmubent before the murder. Two vehicles including a Defender had been missing from the temple as well.