Social media erupts over Bhanuka Rajapaksa’s Pastor Jerome Fernando taking credit for Asia Cup win

September 21, 2022

Following Sri Lanka’s cricketing win at the Asia Cup, a viral video online now shows cricketer Bhanuka Rajapaksa attending a sermon by Jerome Fernando, a pastor of a Mega Church in Sri Lanka called the Prophet Jerome Fernando Ministries. In the sermon, the Pastor says Bhanuka on one occasion decided he will only do what the Pastor asks him to do. He revealed that Bhanuka had made life-changing decisions based on the advice given to him.

The controversial pastor during the sermon took credit for Sri Lanka’s Asia cup win by saying if not for his words Bhanuka would have left Sri Lanka and the country would have not won the tournament. 

“Everything I say you better take it seriously.  Before he went for the game I sent him a message on the day of the game. It said it is your day to shine. One righteous man in a team can make a difference.” Jerome said. 

“Nine months ago this man here wanted to go to America and leave Sri Lanka. Everything was ready. 1 a.m Melanie and I went to his house. They were under a lot of stress. They sat with me. He was so humble and he said one day you told me not to go to England. I went and made a mistake. After that day I decided what you say I will do. He asked my spiritual Father tell me what to do. I want to leave SL cricket. America is waiting for me. I can make more money. I looked at him and said give Sri Lanka cricket another five years. That day he decided no America and he will stay in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka will have no Asia Cup today if it was not his Prophet's voice that kept him in Sri Lanka. It was not a politician who changed his mind. It was me.” Jerome said. 

During the video, Bhanuka and his wife were seen calling Jerome their spiritual father and even dad. His wife Sandrine said, “I feel so grateful to God and to our spiritual parents” referring to Pastor Jerome and his wife. 

However, the video has now given rise to controversy on social media. While some claim Bhanuka was allowed to have his faith, others questioned how his decisions would impact Sri Lanka cricket as he has admitted to acting only according to the advice given by Pastor Jerome. 

Another social media user questioned Jerome and asked why he was able to see the sign of Sri Lanka winning the Asia Cup but not the sign of the Easter Sunday attack. “Had you seen this sign my father and sister would be alive today” he had said.