Medical experts warn of skin disease spreading rapidly in Sri Lanka

September 22, 2022

Dr Hema Weerakoon, Senior Medical Officer of the Anuradhapura Health Services Directorate, says that there is a risk of the skin disease called tinea spreading rapidly in the Anuradhapura district without proper treatment.

"This disease can spread among people regardless of their gender and age. This tinea fungal infection can spread to another person through contact or through the clothes of an infected patient. This disease can be seen commonly in the areas of the face under the groins, armpits, and breasts, which are identified as sweaty places where moisture stays on the surface of the skin.” she said.

“It starts as a small blister on the skin and gradually spreads to become a circular-looking spot. The skin around this spot becomes shrivelled. The itching eventually turns into sores.” she added.

She said the disease has begun to spread as many patients are self-medicating and not taking prescribed medications. “A treatment course of six weeks must be taken according to medical advice,” she said adding that it is now being commonly found in the Kahatagasdigiliya, Medavachchiya, Nachchaduwa, Nochchiyagama areas.