UNP Clears The Air On 'Pohottuwa Alliance': "Under No Circumstances Will We Contest Under the Pohottuwa Symbol"

UNP MP bigwig and former MP Navin Dissanayake said the story that the UNP will have an alliance with the SLPP for the upcoming Local Government election was untrue.

"I saw some SJB people trying to give a different twist to their political advantage.Sad but these are the same guys who benefitted immensely from the UNP," Dissanayake said on Twitter.

"They are not making any headway with the sjb neither AND they are trying to scuttle the UNP. Lots of UNPers are coming back.I can tell you what will happen..the respective district leaders will have autonomy to decide on how to prepare the list for their respective districts," he explained.

For example in Neliya MC we will most likely contest under the elephant symbol othere area we are having discussion with Jeevan Thondaman and the SLPP to contest under the swan or an independent symbol," he added.

"Every political party has a right to do this.Most of the councillors want to contest the elephant symbol but will compromise under the swan or an independent symbol.Under no circumstances will we contest under the flower bud symbol," Dissanayake said.