Gevindu Kumaratunge blamed for causing Reginold Cooray’s death

The wife of late politician Reginald Cooray has blamed Gevindu Kumaratunge for her husband’s death. Chandranee Cooray says her husband had attended a meeting called by Jayantha Samaraweera of all alliance partners. According to her Cooray had inquired as to why certain partners were not invited and informed. Despite being told Cooray was unwell for many days, Chandranee says Kumaratunge had unleashed on Cooray and spoken harshly to him.

“He had then held his chest and sat down. He did not get up again,” she said. Chandranee said the heart attack her husband suffered was due to how Kumaratunge spoke to him. “I urge Karunatunge to be more careful with his words going forward,” she said. Cooray’s wife said the doctors told her Cooray had suffered a heart attack after he could not bear the onslaught on him.