Moratuwa District Court Issues Enjoining Order Against Journalist Chamuditha Samarawickrama

The Moratuwa District Court has issued two enjoining orders today against Chamuditha Samarawickrama and another individual, restraining them from compiling and disseminating defamatory content against Defense Secretary General Kamal Gunaratne.

The enjoining orders were granted in response to the dissemination of false and defamatory material through the "Truth with Chamuditha" YouTube channel, which is operated by journalist Samarawickrama. The court issued the orders during a hearing related to a compensation claim of Rs. 500 million against the two defendants for their statements.

The first enjoining order specifically prohibits Samarawickrama from spreading malicious statements aimed at tarnishing the reputation of the plaintiff through any program or media platform. The second enjoining order prohibits the propagation of false and fabricated content through the "Truth with Chamuditha" YouTube channel and any other social media accounts controlled by both defendants. The court's decision was based on evidence presented by the plaintiff.

President's Counsel Jagath Wickramanayake and Attorney-at-Law Ishan Alavathurage represented the case under the instructions of Attorney-at-Law Eranga Pinnaduwa.

The next hearing for the case is scheduled to take place on May 30 at the Moratuwa District Court.