President's Chief of Staff Engages with Malaysia's PEMANDU to Formulate Economic Recovery Plan for Sri Lanka

In a bid to formulate an effective economic recovery program for Sri Lanka, Sagala Ratnayaka, Chief of Staff to the President, held a series of significant discussions with Malaysia's Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU). The purpose of these discussions was to learn from the experiences of countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, which have successfully navigated economic crises in the past.

PEMANDU, renowned as a consultancy organization specializing in social, economic, and business affairs, provided valuable insights during the discussions. Their representatives shared detailed accounts of their prior engagements in implementing economic recovery programs in Malaysia. The focus was on exploring how these successful strategies could be adapted to address the ongoing crisis in Sri Lanka.

During the discussions, special attention was given to key sectors such as agriculture, tourism, production, and social security. PEMANDU highlighted their proposed solutions, emphasizing their potential applicability to these specific areas in Sri Lanka. The objective was to develop tailored strategies that align with Sri Lanka's unique economic landscape while drawing upon the lessons learned from successful recoveries in other countries.

As the collaboration progresses, it is anticipated that the expertise and insights gained from PEMANDU's experiences will inform the formulation of an effective economic recovery program tailored to Sri Lanka's unique circumstances.